Love Aruba Style

It is no secret that love abounds in Aruba.  It is a wedding and honeymoon destination without compare.  So stories of love are not rare.

For example, at our resort, we recently met Alfredo and Kjersti.  Kjersti came to Aruba on vacation from her airlines job 10 years ago.  She is from Norway. While at the beach she met Alfredo.  Alfredo is from Boston but has family on the Island of Aruba.  They fell in love and spent a lot of time together on that vacation.  As they say though, all good things must come to an end and she had to head home to Norway and her responsibilities.  Alfredo and Kjersti lost touch and life goes on.

Ok, fast forward 10 years, Kjersti returns to the Island, the place of her magical romance with Alfredo and visits her favorite restaurant.  She is such a regular here that she even has her own table.  She is miffed because someone is sitting at “her” table and moves on to another one.  She turns around to look again and, you guessed it, sitting at her table is Alfredo her long lost love.  So from that day forward they vowed to never be apart again.  They were married last year and Alfredo moved to Norway where everyday they feel grateful for each other.  How do I know this?  Well apart from them telling me and spending an entire evening and early morning with them talking, laughing and playing roulette, Sam and I have a similar story.

So unbeknownst to us, sitting at the table behind us as we got to know Kjersti and Alfredo was Marisa who was listening intently to our mutual love stories.  Comparing the coincidences and miracles that brought us together with our spouses.   Marisa was in Aruba with her boyfriend and we met her at the beach the next day sitting in the shade while her boyfriend was in another area soaking up the sun.  After some small talk, Marisa turned to us and said “I heard you and that other couple talking yesterday, and I wondered “How did you know? How was it that you knew you wanted to be with this person”?  So she clearly was in a state of turmoil over her relationship and was thinking of breaking it off.  We had a long discussion but my answer is simple.  As corny as it sounds, you just know.   I told Kjersti and Alfredo about Marisa the next day.  We both agreed that we had a part to play in helping someone avoid a big mistake.

You wonder what brings strangers together, how you can instantly share so many intimate details with certain people. Maybe we all have a job to do.  Maybe its to be an inspiration in some way.  Maybe its to help a stranger with a problem.  Maybe its just to acknowledge similar human experiences and validate your own.  I don’t know but I am certain God is involved.


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