It’s Been a while


I really didn’t feel much like writing while America was embroiled in one the the nastiest yet most important elections of our lifetime.  We have still been having fun but have been closely watching all the drama unfolding in our beloved Country.  We even were able to cast our vote online in late September which was very important to us.

Its  been two months since my last blog and we haven’t gotten sick of Aruba yet.  Some of the reason was because we have gotten into an island rhythm.  An island mindset, if you will.  What a great gift to be able to live in a place with swaying palmtrees, gentle breezes, exotic sea creatures, interesting wildlife and really nice people.

I was missing my family and was able to have a nice long visit here in Aruba with my two daughters and my grandson.  We spent lots of time at the beach, snorkeled in deep water over a ship wreck, hiked, climbed a mountain and went spelunking.  My grandson and I even dipped our feet in a stream while fish nibbled at them and, as crazy as that sounds, was pretty cool.  We fed donkeys and goats, did karaoke or at least my grandson did.  We hiked and explored. Lets see, what else has happened?  Sam grew and cultivated a rather handsome beard.  We also got to know several people pretty well that make their home on Aruba.

One of our favorites is Leon.  He is the main guy on our favorite beach, Moomba.  He works hard keeping the people happy with drinks, food and beach chairs.  He teaches us Spanish and makes sure everyone has everything they need. Leon is 18 and seems much older.   He works very hard to improve his present and future. Leon emigrated from his native Columbia with his Mom and other members of his family and is learning Dutch as well.  He got his certification as an inspector here in Aruba and is looking to ultimately join the FBI in the US.  I have no doubt that he will achieve whatever he sets out to do.  He is smart and very determined.  He always greets us with a smile and we look forward to seeing him each time we go to the beach.

Also, we survived Hurricane Mathew with minimal impact but some damage on the island.  They are quick to clean things up to make ready for tourists. A few weeks later,  while my grandson and daughter were still here, we experienced a rainfall like no other.  It took the islanders by surprise and caused a lot of flooding.  Not realizing how bad it was, we attempted to drive to the beach and came upon overflowing streets and floating cars and had to make several detours returning to our resort an hour later somewhat shaken but safe.    With some answered prayers and great navigation skills by my go-to guy, we made it back safe for a movie marathon and some much needed cocktails.  Even in paradise, things can get dicey.



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