Two beach bums and a Scooter

Ok, so we are a month into our island adventure in Aruba.  Already we have had some great experiences.   So what we notice is we are becoming more and more …. shall we say…. relaxed.  By this I mean my normally fastidious husband is deciding to cut his shaving down to maybe once or twice a week.  Me? I am letting my normally blown dry hair go natural and somewhat wild and my practice of never leaving the house without makeup routine is totally ruined.  This is the siren song of  beach life.  The ability to live in a bathing suit, to use minimal make up and hair products.

But….. we keep telling ourselves we are not on vacation.  This is our home for the next 3 months so some discipline is in order.  We have a great workout facility in the immediate area and we are always walking and exploring.   We are trying to eat healthy but this is a bit more challenging.  They have the most amazing cheeses here, cheap and delicious.  They import a lot of food from Holland so in addition to the amazing cheeses, you will often see a puzzled look on my face in the grocery store at the unfamiliar looking labels.  With names like Aardbeien and Jong Kaas,  it is fun to figure out what the item is and what you would possibly do with it.  I adore food challenges so bring it on.  One of the things that is so nice about this trip is that I have a full kitchen this time.  Getting some good material for a future food blog so check back.dscn3375

Obviously we are spending a lot of time at the beach.  This naturally extends to people watching.  This is a favorite pastime of mine and an endless source of entertainment.  So, there was this American couple eating at the beach bar.  The woman told the bartender her fish was terrible so the bartender took it away and did not charge.  Then the man asked for some juice.  Not just any juice but  maybe a mixture of pineapple and orange, oh no, make that papaya and pineapple, oh no make that orange and papaya.  Here’s where I start rolling my eyes.  Ok so now, he gets his juice, and the bartender had the audacity to charge him, so fish lady chimes in “well if you are going to charge him, I want a full order of juice not just this bar glass, but a tall glass.”  The bartender told them nicely, this is a bar, we don’t give anything away.  Then fish lady opens her personal container and says “fill this with ice”.  These two were a tag team bartenders nightmare and have certainly studied their “How to be an Ugly American” handbook.  So there I sat disgusted and generally embarrassed for my country when along comes Scooter.

Scooter and his lovely wife were visiting from Tampa and were clearly having the time of their lives.  Not usually a fan of cigar smoke, I commented to Sam that the little Cohibas this guy was smoking actually smelled delicious.  Sam was looking longingly at the little beauties.  He is not a smoker but has enjoyed them in his past.  Scooter took note and generously offered Sam one, then the rest of his pack, then in a totally unexpected and generous move, went to the cigar store behind the bar and surprised him with an entire pack while we had a great conversation with his wife.  Wish we would have been able to get to know them better, but alas our ride was waiting.  Scooter, you restored my faith in Americans, at least for today.







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