Aruba With a Twist

dscn1423We are on the move again.  We spent an incredible summer working, visiting, playing and rediscovering our home base in Charlotte, NC.  There was lots of time with family, ball-games and hanging out with new and old friends.  It was everything a trip home should be and all the comfort familiarity can bring.  We enjoyed every minute of it and now are looking forward to our next adventure.

Just a recap.  My husband Sam and I sold our house and most of its contents in June of 2015 and spent last September through April adventuring and discovering Panama.  It was an amazing cultural exploration and a true journey of self-discovery. We worked on learning a new language and meeting interesting people.  Living and navigating a new and exciting country tested and delighted us.

So, this year our first stop is Aruba.  I know, I know if you have read my blogs, you know this isn’t new but now here’s the twist. We always wondered how it would be to spend an extended period of time in Aruba and just see if we can get sick of our favorite place.  So, for the next four months we plan to be beach bums.  It is very interesting how deep you can immerse yourself in local culture when you stay for a long period of time.  Even a tourist destination like Aruba can take on a new shade or two when you stay in a place making it your home.  Anyway, I can think of worse experiments if it goes wrong.  So we will be looking for the unfamiliar as well as the familiar.  We will embrace the local color as well as the tourist attractions.  Also, we have family and friends coming to visit so it will be exciting showing them our favorite places.  So, to me, the metaphor here is…. how much candy can you eat without getting a stomach ache.

The challenge here is realizing you are really not on vacation every day.  This is where we live for the time being.  So, you can’t go full-out vacation mode even though it is tempting.  First of all money is an issue, things you would normally not worry about, fancy dinners, expensive excursions will be more rare.  We need to eat right and get into an exercise routine.  It’s doable but restraint is the key here.

I am so grateful for this experience and thankful I have the kind of partner who is not only wonderful with details but is on the same crazy page I am.

Thank you to the readers of this blog.  Your comments and feedback have been so encouraging and helpful.  I love the idea of taking you all along on this journey and I appreciate you taking the time to read and follow.

I promise to be honest and truthful even if this turns out to be a beach bummer, which right now I can’t imagine but you never know.











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