Adding to the multitude of new experiences, we were invited to a fashion show by our new friends Hector and Claudia.  Hector is a Panamanian born businessman and former Ambassador to Israel.  Claudia is a Romanian model who met Hector while modeling and studying in Israel.  They are engaged and spend part of their time in Panama and part in Romania.  Her modeling takes her to Japan, Italy, Panama, Romania and several other locations around the world.  We met because we live in the same house, i.e. the Country Inn and Suites.  They are patiently waiting for their apartment to be built in the City and in the meantime they are working on other projects.  They are lovely!  We sometimes run into each other in the coffee shop or business center and spend three hours talking together without even realizing it. We share baby pictures and family photos and stories about our respective homelands.  Claudia is starting a line of beautiful jewelry, Claudia H.  which will soon be launched and available to all.   She even shared logo choices,  and let us preview some of the merchandise. It is really nice and I think I see a potential birthday? Christmas? Valentine? gift in there somewhere for yours truly.  They are such a pleasure to be around and so entertaining.  I could listen to them talk all day.FSCN8289

So Claudia was booked for a fashion show at the Hard Rock Hotel.  We asked if we could tag along.  It is a great venue and always has a lot going on plus an epic rooftop bar with 360 views of the City.  So we could support our friend and have some dressed-up fun.

Sam, as you could probably guess, has never been to a fashion show before but is always up for anything.  The venue was in a space aptly named Bling.  Lots of shine and sparkle, perfect for the show. We positioned ourselves to strategically take advantage of photo ops.  The prestigious designer, Anna Chajin, is Panamanian and American. She put together a beautiful line of casual and elegant clothing for woman and also some menswear pieces inspired by the indigenous Guna Yala Indians.

Guna Yala Indian


To begin, there were some gorgeous little dresses, followed by a young man who jumped up on stage, posing in his best skater/surfer stance.  Anyway, The young man jumped up on stage and Sam burst out laughing, thinking it was some kind of half-time entertainment clearly breeching proper fashion show etiquette . I could actually see where he could have thought this but we could soon see he was modeling some casual men’s clothes.  We recovered quickly and soon blended back into the mostly Panamanian crowd.

Claudia looked simply stunning in the two elegant gowns she modeled.  She reminded me of Princess Grace of Monaco in her younger years.  After finishing with the after-show paparazzi, she joined Hector, his beautiful sister and brother-in-law and us.  They had never been to the rooftop bar either so we went.  It was breathtaking .  We had some wine, listened to music and got to know each other a little better.

Such a great and unexpected evening.  So nice to meet such wonderful people and learn even more about Panamanian culture.


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