Big Balboa Cat on a Chair

DSCN5984We are the Cats of Panama and we are Legion

We prowl, we fight, we sleep, we love, we hunt … we survive.  We are seen and unseen.

We are called el Jefe, Grande, Naranja and Miguel. Our territories are clearly defined.

Tourists and locals are our main prey.   Do not pet or play with us, we do not respond and do not care.

We have heard “hola gato” in many different languages.  We will put up with you, but only for the sake of the fish.

Fish rules our day.  Feed us from your hand or from your plate.    We will steal a fish skeleton and drag it to a dark corner.

 A delicate meow, a simple nudge is usually all it takes.  We know what works and how to play the game until we are satisfied.

Afternoons you will find us resting on patios and bar stools of your favorite haunts.

We sleep and groom ourselves to look our best for fresh tourists.   We count on you and are never disappointed.

We are the Cats of Panama and we are legion.


Big Balboa Cat on the Rail



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