The Frog Strangler

Today, the rain is falling in sheets.  It’s the kind of day our ex-pat friend Don calls a frog strangler.  You know, the kind of rain that Forrest Gump described in a letter he was writing to Jenny while sitting back to back with Bubba in the jungle in Vietnam. He explains all the different kinds of rain, stinging rain, sideways rain, even rain that seems to come up from the ground.  I was totally feeling that except for the fact, I was cozy, dry, out of the rain and not marching through the jungles of Vietnam so I guess its not similar at all.   It is really warm though and feels good even when it is raining sideways.

It is still the rainy season here in Panama and we are told in December, when it is over, the weather becomes dryer, sunny and not as humid.  For now, though, this is what goes with our adventure.  It is actually kind of fantastic sitting by the pool, watching the warm rain come down in waves. IMG_20151014_101408_hdr

Everything is lush and beautiful when the sun comes out.   The Panamanians barely blink an eye, of course and continue their outdoor work while being soaked to the skin.  Weather reports are iffy at best, a torrential rain can blow in and an hour later it’s sunny and beautiful.

We are beginning to realize that while making plans, we need to be flexible and have options. So, while we were hoping to visit  Isla Toboga by Ferry, the better choice was to  grab a cab and go see to the Miraflores Locks and Panama Canal Museum.  DSCN5480We arrived just in time to see a tanker and a container ship go through the locks.  I say just in time, but in reality, it takes each ship eight to ten hours to make it through so I guess there was really no rush.   It certainly is a mechanical wonder and while I enjoyed it, my detail oriented husband was intent on every last movement of each piece and part.  I am so glad we went though and can scratch that off the list.  After all, we are in Panama.  I guess if we didn’t it would be like going to Niagara Falls and not actually going to see the falls something I confess to doing many times while living in Upstate New York.

Each day brings the knowledge that what you thought you planned to do can morph into something completely different.  .  It’s all good!


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