Senior Paddle Boarding

I have decided that on my new adventure, I will try different things.  I will say yes to uncomfortable situations.  I will step outside the box. I will live large. I will shoot for the moon.  I will never stop using clichés even though writing teachers everywhere abhor them.

So I tried paddle boarding for the first time today.   I had plenty of help from my uber talented daughter Lindsay and her new beach friend.  They were nice enough to rent the board and even steer me to shallow water where I not so gracefully mounted the board.  Ok, so my advisors told me to get on my knees and then ever so slowly, rise to standing.  I thought that it was pretty easy getting to standing while holding on to Lindsay until I turned around and realized that our new beach friend was holding the board steady making it seem like I was doing great when I was far from making it happen. As soon as he let go, it was over.  There was this really unpleasant wobbling effect I should have anticipated.  Sitting on the board and taking pictures was much easier.    I really appreciated the help in making me believe I could do it and one day I just might.DSCN3749DSCN3751

To be expected, Sam was doing laps on the paddleboard and making it seem easy. He analyzed the waves and adjusted his paddle while calculating currents and making adjustments.  This is the way he approaches new skills and why he is always good at them.  I wish I was one of those  people. DSCN3760

Then there was Lindsay, able to do headstands, yoga poses and other super-bendy tricks.  All the while looking sensational.   That’s my girl! DSCN3742

So, I intend to say YES whenever possible within reason.  One does not want to make any stupid moves at this age.  Breaking a hip or anything else for that matter is a slippery slope.  So I am going to redefine my chance-taking as calculated risks but I am open to anything …….almost.


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