Bon Bini means Welcome! in Papimento, Aruba’s native language.  We made it, can’t believe we are here.  It wasn’t easy or without incident.

First of all I can say we are new to traveling with so much stuffed into our bags.  It wasn’t easy to cram everything needed for six months into 1 carry on and 1 large suitcase each.  My bag was coaxed, prodded and persuaded to zip.  Just like you see in the movies, me sitting on top of my bag struggling to zip it. Also, it was pretty stooge-like leaving at 4:00 am with overstuffed bags all the while trying not to wake the neighbors.  My bag came in at 70 lbs, Sam’s at 66. We have since discussed the probability of buying another large bag in aruba for the overflow because we just can’t  imagine doing without anything we brought.  Cheaper to pay for another bag, then to pay overflow price of 100 per bag. All a learning experience.

Then, while shuffling through TSA, a astute screener flagged my bag.  It seems I had some non-see through coins?  I didn’t realize there were see-through coins.  The things you discover.  So he proceeded to go through my purse and bag.  During this procedure an alarm went off and with what I can only describe as joy, he told me he must go through all of my baggage and I must also have a thorough pat-down.  He smiled as he led me to an area which faced the concourse through a piece of glass.  He stated a woman would be doing the pat-down.  Great.  So the woman agent asked me if I would want to be molested in private (my words, not hers).  I said absolutely not.  Not while Mr. Happy is going through my money and underwear.  So she told me step by step where and how she was going to touch me and she didn’t disappoint.  The people on the concourse seemed to enjoy it as well.  I guess this 62 year old grandma passed their scrutiny.  Yes, I felt violated and yes I am heartsick that our human rights are violated on a regular basis because we need to be treated like criminals in order to be safe from terrorists.  I don’t feel any safer and it isn’t the terrorists I am worried about.

All that aside we are here.  Paradise!  We are sitting in beach chairs on the Renaissance island enjoying life.

We are so happy to be on the first leg of our journey. We are enjoying our beach day and the beautiful marriage of being connected to the real world via my new favorite texting and calling platform VIBER and the amazing beauty of these natural surroundings.


Tomorrow the arrival of our favorite yoga instructor, my daughter Lindsay!


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