There will come a time when you believe everything is finished, yet, that will be the beginning. – Louis L`amour

It’s here, It’s finally here!

Sam’s last day at work is next Tuesday, September 22, we leave on September 23, for Aruba.   We will be staying 11 days there, then on to Panama City, Panama to spend some time exploring and planning our next moves.

I am preparing myself for Sam’s inevitable retirement adjustment or is it my adjustment?  You know, the part where he says something like “Let’s go to the store” and I am totally irritated just by the sound of his voice because I am not used to having him around. Of course Sam is thoroughly entertaining and I am looking forward to strange and unusual occurrences.  A few in the past include pictures of squirrels in the refrigerator, drawing faces on cantaloupes and each of the dozen eggs in the refrigerator.  A “sharpie” is his best friend.  He will also appear with singing stuffed animals while I shower.  I shudder to think what will happen with more planning time for pranks.  Patience and tolerance will be my mantra.  Of course, I am sure I couldn’t possibly irritate him in any way.

I am pondering the cliché “Home is where the heart is”.  Facing a change can be difficult and cause you stress but if you just flip your long ingrained ideas into your new reality you can find comfort in unfamiliar territory.  I feel like my new nomadic lifestyle could enable me to find “home” in new surroundings.  Then, visiting our family and friends in New York or anywhere they are, will become home as well. So, I got this!   At our age I guess we should feel like sitting back in our rocking chairs and bouncing grandchildren on our knees.  I think my nine year old grandson would be especially annoyed by that.   Although, he is never safe from a severe squeezing.     I am not knocking anyone who has reached this age and wants to live life on their terms.  It feels great to decide which way our life’s journey should go.   We are primed and ready for this new segment.  This isn’t a whim, we have been preparing, saving and working on this for many years, maybe not this exactly but something like this anyway.

These past few days I have been trying to anticipate what I might not be able to live without and it turns out, its a lot.  Like my crystal hanging pineapple, my favorite mug from my daughter, our stuffed capybara, my piggly wiggly t-shirt. You get the idea.  Also practical items like our water filter pitcher, our favorite cocktail shaker and our sewing kit for spilt seams and popped buttons (I must remember to get into an exercise routine).  It is a constant battle, what to take, what to leave.  It is inevitable we will be over our 50 lb. baggage limit.

So, here goes!  I am excited to write my first blog from Aruba, one happy island!


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