Customer Dis Service

You may be interested to know that time is winding down for our departure on our adventure.  This is getting exciting and final plans are coming together.

Details, details, details.  This is where we are right now.  Sam is a pretty impressive logistician, if that isn’t a word it should be.  He can get us from here to there with relative ease. He is a wiz at checking lists of airline choices, pairing them with appropriate hotels, complementing rental cars in different countries while keeping track of appropriate time zones.  He usually even stays within budget.  So his talent is worthy of my esteem.  My expertise is usually finding the fun!  I will find the hidden places, the must-do’s and the off-the-beaten track treks.  I will definitely find the food.  Sam has some very strange ideas about food.  He considers it a necessary evil.  Can you imagine?  If he accidently drops mustard from a hotdog on a shirt , that hot dog must immediately be punished.  It will go out a window, or be tossed mercilessly in the nearest garbage can. Thankfully,  he knows my life-long love of food so he will humor me and sometimes even like it.

So, back to the details.  A trick I have learned in the last couple of days is don’t take the first answer you get when calling customer service.  By this I mean, you may call the airlines and get an “expert” on the line who gives you an answer after checking and double checking and you may still get the wrong answer or at least one you didn’t want to hear.  After one such phone call, we looked at each other and said “this can’t be right”.  People do this kind of itinerary all the time, don’t they?  So we called again hoping we would get another person.  Well we did.  This guy was a customer’s dream in terms of quick, decisive and correct information.  Lo and behold, he easily put together the scenario we hoped.

Considering this an anomaly, we had further business with a bank the next day.  It was a matter of setting up the ability to transfer funds from one bank to another while traveling.  Simple right?  No!  We ate our entire dinner while on hold with this pleasant but sadly inept individual.  By the way, still no resolution.

The disturbing  thing is the absolute surety with which young lady number 1 was able to tell us we absolutely, positively, could never ever do the thing we asked and backed it up by saying she checked with her supervisor and supervisor’s supervisor.  This screams this is the truth, it’s just the way it is! Like it or lump it!  Eh not so fast cupcake.

So, now I consider a customer service call a sort of jumping-off point.  You need to get a feel for things.  Try to understand this persons mindset.   Are they yawning?  Are they overly confident in their “no” answer.  Do they accidently keep you on the line while snacking and waiting for a fictitious all-knowing, all-seeing supervisor?  In any case, if you don’t get the answer you need or want, try calling till you do.  Of course, most people give up because who really has 3 hours to spend on incompetence.  As it turns out, I guess I do.


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