duo lingo

Ahhhh adventure awaits.  Actually, I am getting a little antsy for it all to begin.

So more preparation is needed.   It seems important to try to learn the basics of Spanish in order to blend a little and show appreciation and respect for the culture of some of our would-be destinations.

In high school, I was much influenced by the romantic idea of French which, for me, was very difficult to learn.  I was so excited on my 2008 trip to Paris when I    was throwing my “Bonjour’s” and “Merci’s” around confidently. But then, I fell woefully short in the local patisserie while ordering a meringue.  I was completely stumped after being asked whether I  wanted a dry meringue or one that was wet and chewy inside.  I was red-faced,  holding up the line and stammering something unintelligible in French when a young American boy saved me from certain reproach and was able to translate.   I felt pretty deflated unlike the scrumptious meringue which was delicious, beautiful, perfect and dry inside just like I like them.   French patisserie’s are a thing of beauty but I digress.

So back to learning Spanish. I had CD’s, books etc. but as it turns out, There’s an App for that!  My daughter introduced me to DuoLingo. This App is pretty amazing. Move over candy crush, and criminal case, this is pretty cool.  It is set up like a game, you even get “lingots” to buy little outfits for your icon and open up different levels for words pertaining to dating, proverbs or flirting.  I even used it on a recent road trip with my grandson and daughter.  My boy was whipping through the lessons like crazy and excited to learn a new language.

Low and behold, I am really learning Spanish. While, I find it difficult to put together a whole sentence at this time, I can identify such useful words as cat (gato) dog (perro) or penguin (pinguino).  In addition, I can order beer (cervesa), fish(pescado), wine (vino) and rice with chicken (arroz con pollo). I know the words for ugly (feo), sick (enfermo), drunk (borracho) and stupid (estupido). Also, pen (boligrapho), lawyer (abrogado), right (derecho), left (izquierda) and help (ayuda). This list, of course, is not all inclusive.

I am not naïve to think this is going to be easy but I have always wanted to be immersed in a culture and be able to converse with relative ease. So stay tuned as I hopefully become fluent in Spanish or ask if I can leave my pants in the refrigerator which is probably more likely.





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