Choco lot

I know I promised far-away places and amazing tropical adventures but I had another important celebration,  my daughter and grandson’s birthday.  Ok, so what can I say besides Hershey, PA is a little slice of Americana that restores the idea that some things never change and a place that lauds candy at every corner is a perfect antidote to our political and social problems.  Some things are familiar, some things are exciting for each of us kids, old or young and I guess you can say that about a chocolate destination.

So the usual chocolate escapades insued.  Yes, I am talking about candy bar making, chocolate games, chocolate themed rollercoasters and of course the favorite,  laughing at your grandma trying to make it through a roller coaster ride suspiciously called LAFF TRAKK while on blood pressure and acid reflux meds.  Life is good!

The foodie in me must comment on a non-chocolate restaurant in Hershey. Honestly, not one hershey bar, peanut butter cup or twizzler in residence.  It is called Troegs and is a brewery/restaurant not far from the action.   I am not really a beer afficionado but I enjoyed the kind of industrial atmosphere.  After all, it is an actual working brewery.

So the food part is set up like a snack bar.  You put in your order and sit to await its preparation.  While you are waiting, a server  will come for your beer order.  I chose something called dreamweaver pale ale and my daughter chose another light ale.  My grandson stuck with the refreshing water which is an old favorite of mine as well. The menu, however, is where this is transported to another level in my opinion. There are small plates, shared, large plates snacks etc.

Ok, full disclosure,  I wanted to check out this restaurant for one reason and one reason only,  that was Poutine.  I was always curious about this Canadian delight and forced my daughter and nine year old grandson to experience this with me. In this version of poutine, we had crispy French fries, dotted with cheddar cheese curds, covered in oxtail gravy and topped with a farm-fresh egg.  Pretty amazing right?  We also ordered a sandwich to split which was a delicious tender beef brisket and my grandson ordered a pretzel which was as big as his head with cheese and mustard for dipping on the side.  Yum.  Other delightful choices include Rosemary brown butter popcorn, oysters on the half shell, pork rinds with buffalo spice etc.  Not so surprisingly, they all go well with beer.


I am certainly not paid by this place so its just my opinion but it is kind of a nice detour when you need a break from your self-induced chocolate coma.

I don’t really have any beer expertise, but if you are in the area and are a fan, I think you would find this place pretty impressive for that aspect alone.

Ok, one last thing. While the poutine was good , the garbage plate from my hometown of Rochester, NY still holds the key to my heart, just sayin.


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