That’s Ballsy!

Ok, so we have begun the process.  Yep, sold the house and all furniture, belongings etc. while cramming our most prized memorabilia and family treasures into a 10 x 15 storage unit.  What a great feeling to be unencumbered by things!

We are wrapping up loose ends.  My husband is finishing his last days at work.  Our first stop is Aruba for a week, our favorite spot in the world (so far).  Then on to Panama City, Panama for an extended stay.  Then on to who knows!  For now, its lots of paper work, doctor’s and dentists appointments to get in the best possible shape for the adventure.

As we begin telling family and friends of our plans, the first reaction we usually get is one of shock, disbelief and yes, even horror.  But then, we slowly see an understanding and even a kind of respect.  It’s the idea that my husband and I  would take a leap into the unknown at our age (early sixties).

So my plan is to document the journey with all the ups and downs which I am sure will be many.  I am reminded of a quote from the movie Titanic.  Rose’s mother says to Jack at dinner (I’m paraphrasing) “So you find this kind of rootless existence appealing?”  He responds.  “Well yes mam, I do. I figure life is a gift and I don’t plan on wasting it.”

My daughters are dubious, but supportive.  Now, they look at it like it will be great to meet us in a interesting place for a visit.  Of course, I can’t go too long before seeing them, my amazing grandson and other close family, so we will plan many trips back.  When my oldest daughter told her friends of our plans, their response was,  Wow! That’s ballsy. I take it as a complement.


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